April 2017 Month of Airies Horoscopes

//April 2017 Month of Airies Horoscopes

Dear all,

Welcome to April 2017. It retrograde crazy with reverse-gear planets directly affecting – affecting Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius and Capricorn. However we all will definitely feel the energy in some way.

Please engage on Facebook or Twitter as to ‘how’ its affecting or ‘what’ you’re feeling please as it helps all of us to feel a little less alone and understand our overwhelming emotions.

Full Moon in Libra on the 11th and refreshing New Moon in Taurus on the 26th.
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Have a great April and Easter everyone!

Love Sky x


This is your month dear Airies, a time to shine and radiate your positive vibration. The almighty Sun travels through your sign, pushing you to accentuate all the good things in your life and your existence. Some of you may be tweaking your appearance, whilst some will be energised to chase their dreams. Love, romance and friendships are wonderfully enhanced, even though some major planets are retrograding I’d say it’s a great time to enjoy sharing life with the people close to you.


Dear Taurus life may have been slightly challenging in different ways for some of you, because your ruling planet Venus has been retrograding. However as Venus goes direct from the 15th many of you may find peace, harmony and positive direction restored. Good news as the New Moon on the 26th is in your sign bringing regeneration and renewal for personal goals. From then it’s a good time to drive your life forward in areas close to your heart.


Dear Gems the early part of April may have you dreaming up ideas of what and where your life needs change and I would say ‘go for it.’ However be mindful that after 10th please take care to simply ‘plan, think and research,’ but not necessarily set anything in concrete. This is due to your ruler Mercury starting its retrograde for about 3 weeks. Mercury affects travel, business, logical mind and creativity, tempering your enthusiasm and confidence slightly. From 4th May Mercury is direct and harmony begins restoring us all.


Dear Cancerians April shines a spotlight on you from those who can support you, in authority to you, or certain individuals could bring you respect and recognition for something well done. Some of you could receive well earned praise for your efforts in some area. I would advise you to push forward on all fronts, being mindful of the lead up to the Full Moon in Libra on the 11th where feelings and emotions cloud your logic in some way. After the Mercury retrograde starts on the 10th it would be best to plan and organise but not commit to concrete plans as its all change as Mercury goes direct on May 4th.


Dear Leo April may make you more impatient than usual, as your ruler the Sun travels through your fellow fire sign of Airies. This energises you to want change more than usual and to attract your desires into reality quickly. Many of you may feel life is too slow and this feeling could be made worse with over 5 retrogrades pushing against the grain. It’s definitely a time to plan and think things through as opposed to putting too much energy into setting things in concrete because you will find it’s all positive change in the next couple of  months.


Dear Virgo April brings to light matters that are close to your heart, such as your family, close partnerships or the intimacy your share with a particular someone. Please be gentle on yourself from the 10th as your ruler Mercury starts its retrograde bringing doubts, fears or confidence issues to the surface. For all of us Mercury affects many areas such as business, travel, the logical mind, creativity and time-keeping all affected as it retrogrades. It s a time to see to the ‘nitty-grity’ of everyday life , but not commit to major life changes.


Dear Librans many of you have been reporting to me that you’ve felt at a standstill, or life is like a ‘yo-yo.’ This could be with goals or even relationships. For example feeling that life is finally moving forward, but then realising that you’ve gone backwards to start again, or not having achieved what you wanted. Please know that this is temporary as you have Jupiter and your ruling planet Venus retrograding. Some harmony is restored as Venus goes direct from the 15th. It’s a month to plan, sort, organise, and be creative but be gentle on yourself and your loved ones.


Dear Scorpio’s you could be a busy bee that the month of April asks you to be. Get life organised from ‘top to tail’ as you’re encouraged to plan and pave the way for to the next few months ahead. Key is, to keep busy with anything that needs attention especially with the lead up to the Full Moon on the 11th challenging your emotions. Then this energy is exacerbated more so, with your ruler Pluto starting its retrograde from the 19th. If you can apply yourself to clearing and spring-cleaning, you can achieve a positive platform to bounce forward and upwards from, but I would ask you to watch out for the over obsessive mindset.


Dear Saggies April is a month to tend to the day to day running of your life. Get the paperwork, house, garden, receipts or even spring cleaning done-dusted or accounted for. Your ruler Jupiter (in Libra) and Saturn travelling your sign, will be in retrograde this month. The universe creates times such as this to put energy towards clearing the way forward but not setting anything in concrete. This inevitably pays dividends in months to come for when the energy picks up, the question is ‘are you ready and clear for change?’


Dear Caps you’re encouraged in April to keep busy, see to family, home, children and partnerships. You may go through a period of nesting, needing to be at home, around family and craving the comforts of life. With 5 retrogrades this month and specifically for you, your ruler Saturn and Pluto (travelling through your sign) begin their reverse motion this month. Take this opportunity to take a slower pace, to recharge yourself, as so many planetary retrogrades are pushing us all to be gentle on ourselves and ‘take our foot off the gas’ in our lives.


Dear Aquarius April encourages you to get life in order, cleared and spring-cleaned in all ways. Many of you could be wanting to get organised, return calls, clear clutter, get errands out of the way or get back into routines that may have been lost. This is a valuable and called for in your life, as 5 retrogrades this month ask us all to address that which needed attention from some months ago. Its also important to clear our lives of ‘that which no longer serves us,’ whether its mental, spiritual, or physical clutter, because it will hinder and block your success and attraction process.


Dear Pisces April may place your interest upon your security, incomes or any material side of life. Some of you may be looking  increase incomes, whilst others could be demanding their worth in some way. Be mindful of emotions clouding the true picture for you, around the lead up to the Full Moon on the 11th. As well as the 5 retrogrades throwing in their energy to boot creating a need with in many of us to look backwards or feel hindered and clouded in some way. Don’t worry, this is temporary, as harmony is restored in months’ to come.

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