March 2018 Horoscopes

//March 2018 Horoscopes

Dear spiritual people,

Well we’re in full swing through 2018, Spring will soon upon us but snow & arctic temperatures are raging! Let’s stay confident that the  UK weather will be on the up soon, I hope!

Well March is the month of the water sign of Pisces ruled by the psychic and dreamy planet Neptune, has a Full Moon in Virgo on Friday 2nd March. Then comes a New Moon in Pisces itself, on the 17th March.
However it’s an extra special month as it’s a lucky Blue Moon month due to the magical second Full Moon in Libra on the 31st. Making it a fantastic  month to get cosmic ordering!

I would say to all of you wonderful people, to start planning ahead with spring cleaning, getting rid of clutter, as well as generally clearing up spritually as well as home, as this always a good practice  for March.

Do checkout my March Astro-Update here >

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In the meantime, enjoy your March Horoscopes below.

Have an amazing month everyone!  🙂

Sky x 


Dear Airies the onset of March has both the planet of love and abundance Venus, along with her opposite Mars the God of War & Passion travelling through your sign. Venus brings you favour and magnetism towards your persona, your image and how you present yourself to the world, whilst Mars enhances power and action opening up a get-up-and-go energy for you to flow with. Mars moves out on the 10th whilst the planet of travel, communication & learning Mercury, moves in on the 14th. Mercury facilitates logic, quick-thinking and speed. The New Moon on the 17th is in your sign energising you with new starts and fresh new beginnings.



Dear Taurus the start of March has activity in your house of friendships, group efforts and hopes for happiness. The almighty Sun, along with swift communicative Mercury, and psychic Neptune are infusing their energies into these areas. This is a time to join forces with others, network  to get results or socialise with like minded people. Going forward alone may not help work towards getting good results. The planet of action, war and go-get, Mars, brings his power to your aid as he enters your sign on the 14th. With this transit you may find you have more energy as you’re pushed to get things done.




Dear Gemini the onset of March has both the almighty Sun and your ruler Mercury travelling through your house of career, ambitions and long-term goals. The Sun brings the spotlight on you with magnetism as your ruler sharpens you mind, responses and enhances your focus. This transit could bring the attention of superiors or from people of power who recognise you’re potential. Another great transit for you is Venus travelling through the area of group efforts and friendships, brings fortuitous outcomes if collaborating efforts through a collective or with friends




Dear Cancerians March has the Goddess of Love & Abundance is travelling through your personal area of career, ambitions and longterm goals. Venus has great capacity here to bring you magnetism, favour and attraction of goals through your positive actions and efforts. This energy is further multiplied from the 14th when Mercury enters this area as well. Mercury can sharpen and focus your mind and your actions, whilst bringing you swiftness in your actions and travel. Both these planets have the capacity to elevate your ambitions and bring them closer to reality.




Dear Leo March has the almighty Sun highlighting areas of personal intimacy with a significant other and/or the areas of shared finances with another. Mercury is also transiting this area and could allow an opening up of clear communications in these areas. Venus transits the area of travel (both physical & mental journeys) philosophy, studies, rebellion, wanting a change of scenery and/or dealing with the unknown. Venus may make you drawn to investigate one of more of these areas.





Dear Virgo March has the almighty Sun bringing its light to areas of committed relationships, marriage, contracts or something with these areas is highlighted to you. You may find that one or more these areas are to your favour or are accentuated in some way. Mercury is also in these areas opening up lines of communication or making you more vocal about your position with in these areas. Meanwhile Venus the Love Goddess travels through your area of sexual intimacy and your shared finances. This is a warming transit that could make you more magnetic to being close or intimate with another person. The Full Moon on the 2nd is in your sign magnifying all that’s mentioned above.




Dear Librans March has your ruler Venus placed very nicely in the house of commitment and marriage. Attached Librans may feel more deeply connected to their partners, whilst singletons may strive to achieve commitments. Mars accentuates passion, desire and go-get energy as he is also in this area, so for some of you, things could get heated in personal relationships. The almighty Sun highlights something positive in your daily work, day-to-day activities or your health and fitness. Mercury placed here opens up your communications with in these areas. Now the Full Moon on the 31st whilst being a rare ‘Blue Moon’ is particularly to your favour for wish fulfilment, as it’s in your sign!



Dear Scorpio there is great planetary activity in the area of romance, lovers, flirtation, leisure and fun activities as the almighty Sun and swift Mercury travel through these areas. This transit opens up your vocal ability as others find it easy to chat to you as well. Some of you may have flirtations or attract lovers, whilst others have some great invitations to socialise and have fun. Venus draws you to love to get involved with your daily activity, work or do something towards enhancing your health & fitness.





Dear Sagittarius March bring an accent on your home, changing the home, family or that which make you feel secure. This is through the almighty Sun highlighting these area, along with Mercury making you more vocally open and swift to make chage in a positive way. Venus the Goddess of Love is perfectly placed in your house of lovers, flirtation, fun and leisure bringing you more enjoyable times, pleasure, invitations and interesting chats with those who are magnetic to you romantically.





Dear Capricorn March has an accent on areas of communication, study, short-trips, and lighted hearted connection with people. This comes through the almighty Sun and Mercury travelling through these areas. Some of you may be more chatty and open with those around you whilst others are shown important aspects within these areas. Some Caps maybe either connecting deeply with your home, making changes to the home or wanting to spend more times with family through the love planet Venus enhancing your connection to one or more of these areas.




Dear Aquarius March has an accent on areas of money, finances, incomes or your personal worth as the almighty Sun shines a lights on these areas. Mercury brings you focus & clarity of mind towards making positive changes with in these area as well as oiling the wheels of clear open communication from you for example to achieve financial goals. Venus the Goddess of Love brings an accent on you wanting to be more vocal with people, making short trip, running errand and/or getting on with seeing to the tidying up of live at home and in business.




Deat Pisces, March is your month as the Sun is in your sign for the majority of the month highlighting the impact you make on your world, enhancing your persona and positively lifting your image. Mercury in this area brings focus and clarity to your mind and actions, whilst bringing an active energy to you pushing you to get things done and tied up. Venus the Goddess of Love and Abundance is well placed in your house of money, finances and/or self worth. Venus can attract incomes in doing what you love, so I would advise you to chase after monetary and financial goals as they could be achieved.



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