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October 2018 Horoscopes

Dear friends, Welcome to your October 2018 Horoscopes! With the Goddess of Love and Abundance starting a retrograde along with Halloween, it's definitely an eventful month for all of us. New Moon in Libra on the 9th and Full Moon in Taurus on the 24th.  Catch my short video on October Astro-Updates here> You can catch me [...]

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Dear Spiritual People, Happy Easter to you all! Well April has a few planetary retrogrades but what's a 'Retrograde?' Simply put, it's where the planet 'appear's' to be going in reverse, so the characteristics & effects of that planet are reduced, reversed or stationary. We are in the midst of a Mercury Retrograde till the [...]

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Dear spiritual people, The month of love & relationships shines its light upon our existence. The custom of Valentines Day cards, flowers, chocolates and gifts is thought to have originated from a Roman festival. Though Valentine's Day still remains connected with various customs in England, for example, in Norfolk, tradition developed as a character called 'Jack' Valentine knocks [...]

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January 2018 Horoscopes

Dear spiritual friends, Wishing you a magical, prosperous and happy 2018 year ahead. January starts us off on a roller-coaster full of those magical Full Moons, Eclipses and Blue Moons galore. This is also happening in the months to come. Please keep in mind that outcomes of efforts put towards goals and ambitions can be [...]

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